Samsung Developing ChatGPT Alternative, Suggests Report

Samsung Developing ChatGPT Alternative

Samsung Developing ChatGPT Alternative: Samsung appears to be joining the AI revolution by working on its own alternative to ChatGPT. This decision comes after the company recently limited the use of generative AI tools within its organization. Reports suggest that Samsung is investing significant manpower and resources through Samsung Research to develop its own Large Language Model (LLM). Let’s delve into the details.

Samsung’s Push for an Alternative to ChatGPT

According to an exclusive report from Chosun Media, Samsung has initiated a substantial effort to develop AI at the organizational level. The company began this project on June 8, and the first phase of development is expected to conclude by the end of July.

In support of this endeavor, Samsung has temporarily restricted the use of GPU resources within the organization. These resources are being directed towards training the upcoming AI model. Training an AI model using real-world data inputs requires significant GPU processing power. Therefore, it is not surprising that Samsung has prioritized this allocation of resources. Several Samsung officials have confirmed that other in-house software development teams are currently restricted from using GPUs.

However, it is important to note that Samsung plans to utilize this upcoming model exclusively for in-house purposes. Unfortunately, there are no plans for a commercial rollout. The primary focus of this LLM solution will be language translation, documentation, and software development within Samsung.

Samsung Developing ChatGPT Alternative
Samsung Developing ChatGPT Alternative

Reasons Behind Samsung’s AI Development

Samsung’s decision to develop its own AI LLM solution is not unexpected. The organization has both the motivation and resources to pursue this path. Recently, Samsung encountered a data leak when using ChatGPT internally. This incident likely prompted the company to prioritize the development of its own AI-based LLM solution. Samsung has set a two-month timeline to fully deploy the initial version of this AI model.

While there is limited information available at the moment, it is important to approach this development with caution. More details are expected to emerge as Samsung’s self-imposed deadline draws closer. Stay tuned for further updates.( Samsung Developing ChatGPT Alternative )


Samsung’s foray into developing its own AI alternative to ChatGPT demonstrates its commitment to harnessing the power of AI within its organization. By allocating substantial resources and personnel to this project, Samsung aims to enhance its language translation, documentation, and software development capabilities. While there are currently no plans for a commercial rollout, Samsung’s efforts in the AI field are indicative of its determination to stay at the forefront of technological advancements( Samsung Developing ChatGPT Alternative )